23 Accent Ceiling Ideas For Your Home

Debra Morrison
Accent Ceiling Ideas For Your Home

In interior designs, the ceiling is often treated as an afterthought. Still, it has recently been discovered that accenting your ceilings is one of the ways to beautify your home effortlessly. The ceiling is a major part of your home, and it has the metamorphic power to induce warmth and style. Whether you have standard-style ceilings or high ceilings, we have compiled 23 accent ceiling ideas for your home.

Top Accent Ceiling Ideas

The ceiling which is also known as the fifth wall of your home should not be ignored when designing it can help refresh your living room. To draw inspiration and find the perfect way to update your interior decoration, browse our collection of accent ceiling ideas below.

1. Luxury Yellow And Black Art Accent

Luxury Yellow And Black Art Accent
Image: @vala_decor // Instagram

The ceiling has been designed to balance out the decor of the entire room which is pretty cool. This is regarded as an artistic decor due to how the twirl is done. If you are into the yellow color then this is definitely for you. However, your living room doesn’t exactly have to match the ceiling, this will still be a great ceiling design to try.

2. Wood Grain Ceiling Decor

Wood Grain Ceiling Decor
Image: @jzholmes // Instagram

It doesn’t matter what look you are trying to create or the room you are trying to design, this wood range ceiling accent works either way. It’s a really cute option and it is not as messy as the one above.

3. Dark Recessed Ceiling Idea

Dark Recessed Ceiling Idea
Image: @homeonanashvillehill // Instagram

Next on the list is this dark recessed ceiling which paired with this staircase gives you a sophisticated living room you can’t help but love. This design sure requires a professional and the result is worth every effort.

4. Dreamy Pink Ceiling

Dreamy Pink Ceiling
Image: @rockettstgeorge // Instagram

Pink is quite an interesting color for your ceiling, it properly accents it while also giving the rest of the room decor a chance to pop.

5. Modern Wood Ceiling Beams

Modern Wood Ceiling Beams
Image: @hellohomenewzealand // Instagram

Looking for a sophisticated ceiling accent that also gives a smooth rustic vibe? This is the ideal choice to go for. It is a fancy country-style ceiling accent.

6. Custom Wood Ceiling

 Custom Wood Ceiling
Image: @vegasremodelsllc // Instagram

Custom wood accents for ceilings have been around for quite a while and they deserve more popularity than they get. This type of ceiling decor is quite perfect for complementing the natural decor of your living room.

7. Barrel Vaulted Ceiling

Barrel Vaulted Ceiling
Image: @plankandpillow // Instagram

Here is another ceiling accent that will have you staring at the ceiling in admiration. Also, this can easily switch up a boring living room, thereby bringing it warmth and sophistication.

8. Monochrome Ceiling Decor

Monochrome Ceiling Decor
image: @andreaschumacherinteriors // Instagram

If you are trying to create a focal point in your living room, an accent like this pairs nicely with any decor. Also, it can easily draw out the beauty of your design better.

9. High White Coffered Ceilings

High White Coffered Ceilings
Image: @meldstudioarchitecture // Instagram

High ceilings are way more fun than lower ones and this is because they have more design options. So, if white is the accent color you are going for, here is the ideal design to inspire you.

10. Sconce Ceiling Accent

Sconce Ceiling Accent
Image: @marcmichaelsid // Instagram

The accent of this ceiling might be scones but this makes it functional and also interesting. This ceiling design can also help make the space feel more comfortable.

11. Industrial Accent Ceiling

Industrial Accent Ceiling
Image: @welcometothewoodsblog // Instagram

The regular wood or vaulted ceilings will always be fun and fascinating but if you want something more bold that stands out, this industrial ceiling accent is surely a perfect fit.

12. Elegant Engineered Lumber Design

Elegant Engineered Lumber Design
Image: @co_architecture_au // Instagram

This is another traditionally made wood beam that has been around for centuries. It is a great option when you need your ceiling to give the farmhouse vibe while still maintaining a modern appeal.

13. Sophisticated Blue Ceiling Accent

Sophisticated Blue Ceiling Accent
Image: @blythcollinsoninteriors // Instagram

Sophisticated accent ceilings are a great way for you to add color to your living room space. From the living room decor to the simple ceiling design, this design allows you to be subtle and yet very impactful.

14. Herringbone Style Beam Ceiling

Herringbone Style Beam Ceiling
Image: @kaylasimonehome // Instagram

Wood is always the best way to add warmth and a natural accent to your room. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can accent your ceiling with wood and here is one of them. This is loved for its simplicity and your room gets an instant style boost.

15. Boxed Fixer Upper Ceiling Accent

Boxed Fixer Upper Ceiling Accent
Image: @design_story_janet_smith_mc // Instagram

To incorporate a blend of drama and calmness into your room, this ceiling accent comes in highly recommended. The gently curved design offers a harmonious combination of uniqueness and simplicity.

16. Custom Dynamic Ceiling Decor

Custom Dynamic Ceiling Decor
Image: @architecturaljustice // Instagram

This ceiling design has different elements in play, hence why it is the ideal luxury ceiling for complementing any living room decor. The swirl dynamic design helps tie the neutral colors and materials together.

17. Art Ceiling Accent

Art Ceiling Accent
Image: @billewho // Instagram

If you are into art or simply want your living room to stand out from the rest of the walls, an art wall is the classic option to go for. Accenting your ceiling with art allows you to infuse style into your home decor.

18. Modern Rustic Ceiling Design

Modern Rustic Ceiling Design
Image: @margaretsmithdesignstudios // Instagram

In a modern home, one way to key in coziness is to accent your ceiling, and here is the right one for any modern living room decor. Wood elements are one of the best ways to accent your wall, they bring in earthy charm and invite relaxation.

19. Classical Style Ceiling Accent

 Classical Style Ceiling Accent
Image: @elluxella // Instagram

If you are tired of plain ceiling accents and just want something simple and exquisite then here is the one for you. These are suitable options for small bedrooms, offices, and cozy living rooms where the purpose is to lend a blend of style and reflection.

20. Authentic Weathered Wood Ceiling

Authentic Weathered Wood Ceiling
Image: @ thoezz_by_diana // Instagram

Massive dark beams such as this can highlight the decor of your home, thereby bringing in some natural contemporary look. This traditional design can also encapsulate the room’s majestic beauty.

21. Flat Brick Ceiling

Flat Brick Ceiling
Image: @amystormandco // Instagram

The brick ceiling is a classic ceiling that never gets out of style. It is another fascinating way to accent your ceilings and the patterns can be crafted in whichever style you find suitable.

22. False PVC Ceiling Design

False PVC Ceiling Design
Image: @beautifulhomes.india // Instagram

This is a ceiling that has not been given much importance over the years however it has recently made a comeback in the world of interior designs. Any style chosen can easily elevate your living room and it’s even more perfect for dining areas.

23. Go Black And Luxurious

Go Black And Luxurious
Image: @villafurutun // Instagram

Sometimes, all you want is a simple modest ceiling accent and black no doubt is an amazing way to infuse that in your room interior. Black complements the natural decor of the room without making it look small. This is a traditionally fashioned ceiling, hence crafting it is less time-consuming and it won’t take attention away from the living room design.

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