Are Tortilla Chips Vegan? (Must Read)

Are Tortilla Chips Vegan?

Tortilla chips are classic snacks that will always hold a place amid the best comfort food ideas. These chips make a crunchy addition to salads and since they are super easy, you can have them accompany your dipping at any time of the day.

Tortilla chips are made from corn, although they can be a few quirks concerning the ingredient which is why there are concerns about if tortilla chips can pass as a vegan snack or not.

You can have tortilla chips made at home yourself or have them bought from the store however you have to take note of the ingredient used. Tortilla chips are made with corn flour, oil, water, and salt however some homemade ones can be customized according to your preference.

You can also choose to have it baked or fried.

Yes, tortilla chips are vegan. The basic and traditional ingredients used in making tortilla chips are plant-based hence they are vegan. Most restaurants only use the essential ingredients: water, oil, salt, seasoning, and cornflour. You can also enjoy tortilla chips baked or fried and vegan free method as well so unless animal ingredient has been included, It is generally meant to be a vegan snack.

Being vegan is not just an exciting lifestyle but also very healthy. You might have to give up on some favorite snacks and focus on ones with cruelty-free ingredients. If you have recently established yourself as a vegan, it is expected to look toward creating new recipes that are free of any animal ingredients.

One of the advantages of being vegan is that you get to create your recipe and have fun trying new food as well. So, if you are wondering can vegans eat tortilla chips? We have all the answers for you in this article.

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Can Vegans Eat Tortilla Chips?

The traditional tortilla chips are vegan since the basic ingredients in them are plant-based and no sign of animal products in them. However, note that they are commercial tortilla chips and these are made with seasonings that are potentially non-vegan.

They are heavily flavored, colored and lard might be used instead of vegetable oil which makes it not suitable for a vegan diet.

Homemade and restaurant tortilla chips are considered ideal for vegans because you can be sure of the ingredients used in making them. Tortilla chips are meant to be made with simple basic ingredients and most sold at restaurants today still maintain that however, you should still consider checking out the ingredient before grabbing one.

Are Tortilla Chips Vegan? (Must Read)
Source: The Conscious Plant Kitchen

Some commercial stores and non-vegan big firms also make tortilla chips with artificial and animal-sourced ingredients. Hence, it is best to get your chips from vegan companies and look for organic tortilla chips. Organic tortilla chips are vegan by default, and it is always stated on their pack.

Non-Vegan Ingredients To Avoid In Tortilla Chips

Not all store-bought tortilla chips are vegan hence you have to watch out for certain ingredients. You have to check the packaging to know if it contains any non-vegan ingredients.

To make this easier for you, below are common non-vegan ingredients that can be found in tortilla chips.

  • Lard: Lard is not meant to be used for tortilla chips due to health concerns anymore however you can still find some companies or restaurants that use this. This is completely non-vegan and best avoided in tortilla and tortilla chips.
  • Artificial colorants and flavor: Some artificial colors and flavors are animal-sourced while some are not but might have been tested on animals, so you might want to avoid them for ethical reasons.
  • Cheese Powder: Tortilla chips from the store might contain non-vegan cheese some might include nutritional yeast which mimics the cheesy taste, but it’s vegan.
  • Ranch Powder: Check the container to make sure it doesn’t contain milk. While ranch powder is often vegan, it can be dairy-based as well.

Can I Make My Tortilla Chips?

Yes, you can your tortilla chips at home, and they are really easy to make. There are lots of steps by step homemade tortilla chips recipes online to guide you, and also you get to decide what ingredients can go into tortilla chips and what can not.

Plain tortilla chips are vegan, so you can always make that for yourself, and they can be found in supermarkets and restaurants as well.

To make tortilla chips at home, you will have to obtain the cornflour tortilla and then dry them out. You can choose to cut the tortillas into triangles and then choose to fry or bake. Bake or fry until golden brown, and you can enjoy it with any dipping of your choice.

Wrapping Up

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy tortilla chips if you are vegan, you simply have to check the packaging and avoid dips that are non-vegan as well such as ranch dip.

You can also make tortilla chips in an air fryer so if you have one, there is no reason to get it from the store.

Simply check the packaging to know if it is a vegan tortilla chip you are buying. If it is not cooked with lard, or butter, or contains any non-vegan preservative, it is completely vegan!

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