How to Get Wrinkles Off Plastic Tablecloth

Debra Morrison
How to Get Wrinkles Off Plastic Tablecloth

Do you have a plastic tablecloth that has been in storage for too long and is full of wrinkles? Or maybe you just bought one, and the wrinkles are already there. Either way, getting rid of those pesky wrinkles can be challenging, and sometimes you wonder how they got there.

Plastic tablecloths are made from polyethylene or vinyl, prone to wrinkling when folded or stored improperly. Also, if it has been exposed to heat or humidity for too long, it can cause further wrinkling.

These tablecloths are cost-effective and provide users with many conveniences as they are easily disposable, so there is not much for excessive clean-ups. However, if you have a party and your plastic table clothes are very wrinkled, you may have every reason to fret because plastic tablecloths with wrinkles aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

But not to worry, as this article contains tips to help you get your plastic tablecloth to look smooth and wrinkle-free again, let’s dive into it, shall we?

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3 Simple Ways To Get Wrinkles Off Plastic Tablecloths

Are you looking for ways to get wrinkles out of your plastic tablecloth? Very well then, you are in luck because we will be discussing how to quickly and easily remove wrinkles from a plastic tablecloth. Here are the easy steps to follow;

1. Ironing

This is probably one of the most common methods used by people who want their plastic tablecloth wrinkle-free. All you need is an iron set on low heat, some parchment paper, or any other thin cloth.

Place the parchment paper over your plastic tablecloth and then use your iron on top with light pressure until all the wrinkles have disappeared. Ensure not to leave it in one spot for too long, as this could damage your fabric.

2. Steaming

Another great option is steaming your plastic tablecloth with a handheld garment steamer or even just boiling water in a pot and holding it up close enough so that steam hits the fabric directly. This will help relax any stubborn creases without damaging its material like an iron would do if left on too long.

3. Hanging It Up

Finally, another simple solution is hanging up your plastic tablecloth outside in direct sunlight for about 30 minutes before bringing it back inside again. This should be enough time for any remaining wrinkles to disappear naturally due to gravity pulling down on them while being exposed outdoors.

How to Prevent Wrinkles From Forming On Plastic Tablecloths

The best way to prevent wrinkles from forming on your plastic tablecloth is by storing it properly when not in use. Ensure the cloth is completely dry before folding or rolling it up for storage, as moisture can cause wrinkles over time.

Store the cloth flat rather than folded or rolled up; this will help keep its shape intact and reduce any potential creasing or wrinkling. Also, ensure the area where you store your tablecloth is cool and dry; heat and humidity can contribute to wrinkling over time.

Additionally, if you want to avoid wrinkles altogether, try using an iron set at low temperature with the steam setting turned off when pressing out any existing creases or folds in your plastic tablecloth before storage; this should help keep its shape intact even after multiple uses.

Consider investing in a steamer designed explicitly for fabrics like polyester, which won’t damage delicate materials but still provide enough heat or steam power to remove stubborn creases quickly and easily without risking scorching marks left behind by traditional irons, which melt certain types of plastics.

An extra tip is that you should always remember not to leave wet items lying around as these tend to attract dirt which could eventually lead to permanent staining or discoloration on the plastic tablecloth if left unchecked.

Proper Ways To Store Plastic Table Cloths

Properly storing plastic tablecloths is crucial as storage determines if they will be wrinkled. That said, when holding your plastic tablecloths, here are the following things to do;

  • Make sure they are clean first, so dirt doesn’t accumulate while they’re being stored away.
  • Fold them neatly into thirds lengthwise or roll them if necessary.
  • Place them in an airtight container such as a zip-top bag or vacuum sealer bag with all the air removed from the inside. This will help protect against dust accumulation while retaining moisture, which could lead to mold growth over time.
  • And finally, label each container clearly so that you know what type of fabric is inside without having to open it up every time.

Summing it up

Hopefully, these tips helped get rid of those pesky wrinkles from your plastic tablecloths. However, always remember that it is better to prevent wrinkles from forming on your tablecloths than to try to straighten them out.

So make sure you store them properly after each use and avoid exposing them directly under hot temperatures or humid conditions whenever possible, this will ensure they stay wrinkle-free much longer than usual.

Now get your de-wrinkling super suit on!

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