Is Fabuloso Septic safe? (What to Know)

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Is Fabuloso Septic safe? (What to Know)

There has always been some myth surrounding how to use and not to use fabuloso. TikTok users also have their viewpoints on whether fabuloso is septic safe or not.

With the many cleaning hacks on the internet these days, you have to be careful which one you follow, as not everyone is safe. The idea of putting fabuloso in your septic tank is believed to have a miraculous effect on the performance of your toilet. However, the hype comes with a serious question: is it safe?

Yes, fabuloso is septic safe, but you should not put it there. Fabuloso is meant for household cleaning; hence, it should not sit in your septic tank; if you leave it there, it is likely to undermine the short and long-term performance, and it can be bad for your septic tank’s bacteria colonies.

Fabulous is a multipurpose cleaner, and it is best used for cleaning areas such as sealed wood surfaces, sinks, tubs, windows, counters, doorknobs, appliances, furniture, and walls.

Fabuloso is popularly known for its cleaning power, but manufacturers never state anything concerning using it in your septic tank. The general rule of thumb is that you should not put any cleaner in your septic tank but is fabuloso cleaner an exception?

is fabuloso septic-safe?
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Is Fabuloso Septic safe?

Understandably, you might find this fabuloso an appealing cleaner for your toilet after dealing with those unsightly hard water stains in your toilet. However, you should know that all-purpose cleaners such as fabuloso are not designed for toilet tanks, and if used, they can damage some parts like the seals and gasket.

The high concentration of chemicals in fabuloso can pose a risk of corroding the tank.

The use of fabuloso in septic tanks was first introduced on TikTok; a bottle is placed in the tank with a small part cut out, then every time you flush, it can come out with the water to clean your toilet as well.

One issue that will arise from this is weak flushing; placing a large bottle of fabuloso into your tank will displace the normal level of water, so waste is likely to get stuck in the process. In addition to this, leaving it in for too long will only decrease the standard life expectancy of your septic tank.

So, while using Fabuloso in your septic tank might be considered safe for you, it is not safe for the septic tank itself. The potential complications outweigh the benefits, so we recommend that you steer clear of this hack.

Can Fabuloso Clean Toilets?

Fabuloso is a multipurpose cleaner; hence it can be used in cleaning and deodorizing your toilet bowls but it shouldn’t sit in it for too long.

The manufacturers state that fabuloso is meant for cleaning floors, walls, bathrooms, living rooms, and any surface in the house, and you have to ensure to read the label for proper usage.

Putting fabuloso in your toilet tank can destroy the inner workings of your tank after prolonged use. Toilets are not built to allow such harsh chemicals to be used, and it’s probably cheaper to use regular cleaners for your toilet.

Fabuloso Alternatives

Fabuloso is, without a doubt, a great cleaner, but use over time will only cause damage to your septic tank. This cleaner is not made for cleaning toilets, so while using this amazing cleaner sounds fantastic, the risks it poses are a reason to steer clear of it.

If you are looking for safe options for cleaning your toilets and making them smell better, below are better alternatives.

  1. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Liquid detergent.
  3. Vinegar and baking soda.
  4. Epsom salt.
  5. Liquid drain cleaner, do not use a foam drain cleaner.

Shop The Alternatives

Wrapping Up

Putting fabuloso in tour septic tank will likely damage the rubber and plastic compartments, seals, and gaskets.

However, this is not to say that Fabuloso is not a safe or effective cleaner, but it has been discovered to damage the inner workings of the septic tank itself. Many all-purpose cleaners are not designed for use in septic tanks.

To effectively clean your toilet without causing any damage, a disinfecting cleaner is a much-recommended option, use a bowl-specific cleaner for the insides, and a good scrub brush should efficiently eliminate stains.

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