DIY Nursery Book Slings

Nursery book slings diy

Yes, I am back with nursery project update number 998.  It seems like a never-ending room, doesn’t it? I promise that there are some details that I am leaving for the final reveal, but in the meantime, here are my crafty book slings:

{Pssst…find the full reveal of the finished nursery here!}

Nursery book slings

Like most things, I can’t take credit for the idea.  I initially saw the book slings in this beautiful nursery, which referred to a convenient tutorial. I started making the slings based on the dimensions offered by the tutorial, but they turned out to be too deep for my baby books. 

So, I adjusted each of them, sizing the top sling for the smallest books and the bottom sling for slightly larger books.  Instead of cutting the fabric smaller, I folded and sewed extra seams so that someday I could pull out those seams, and the slings will again be suitable for larger books.

The installation is super easy, thanks to these double rod holders and some wooden dowels, both of which were found at Lowe’s.  The dowels are 1/2″ wide by 4 ft. long.

I lucked out and found wall studs that were exactly 4 feet apart, so the slings are very sturdy (but the rod holders come with anchors, so they can go anywhere).

Nursery book slings 2

And here you can see the slings paired with the previously mentioned wall art, making a nice little reading nook.

Nursery book slings 3

I really loved the idea of the slings because you can see the covers and not just the book spines as you would on a regular bookshelf.

When our little guy is old enough, he’ll be able to flip through the books and pick one out.  Plus, I imagine the slings make for easy clean up…you know, after every book has to be pulled out for examination.

What do you think?  Can you imagine using these in your home in a spot other than a child’s room?  I could see small slings next to a bedroom nightstand or in a guest room to hold magazines and local visitors guides/maps.

Oh, the possibilities…

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