How to Stop Pressure Cooker Burning On Bottom

How to Stop Pressure Cooker Burning On Bottom

Over time, there has been an increase in kitchen equipment. The invention of different kitchen equipment has helped in simplifying kitchen duties and tasks, especially in the aspect of making food. An important piece of equipment we love is the pressure cooker.

A pressure cooker helps in getting your cooked food ready as fast as possible. Although pressure cookers do an amazing job of cooking food fast, some people have an experience with the use of pressure cookers that results in their food burning on the bottom.

This has raised a lot of concerns, and we hope to help you solve the problem in this article.

Pressure cookers have become a go-to item for fast cooking. Although it is effective as it evenly spreads heat through the food, you might find that your food gets burnt easily. To identify how to stop your food from burning when in the pressure cooker, it is expedient to find the cause of the burning.

One of the main reasons food in pressure cookers gets burnt is that you will not be able to stir your food to prevent it from sticking to the bottom while cooking. However, we have realized that many other factors cause food to burn while in the pressure cooker.

Why Pressure Cookers Burn Food At The Bottom

The following are some other reasons for burning food in the pressure cooker, as well as how to stop it.

1. Use Of Less Water

A pressure cooker is not designed for you to put water little by little into your food. You need to keep the lid locked to ensure an even distribution of heat while the food is cooking. Hence, you are required to pour as much water as your food will need to get done before you start cooking. Inadequate water will dry up in time, and this will make your food stick to the bottom of the pot and then burn.

2. Cooking On High Heat

The whole idea of a pressure cooker is to shorten the time in which your food is cooked. Hence, pressure has been built inside the cooker to accomplish this aim. There is no need for you to cook with the pressure cooker on high heat. Cooking on high heat will only make the pressure cooker work overtime, and this will make your food burn.

3. High Starch Content

Foods with high starch content are more likely to burn when cooked in a pressure cooker, i.e., rice, potatoes, etc. Does this mean you cannot cook them in the cooker? No, you should put in enough water to reach the base. This will produce heat, which will cook the food. You can also pre-boil the food before cooking it till it’s done.

4. Cooking Plenty Of Food At A Time

There is a limit to the quantity of food your pressure cooker can take. Filling the cooker with more food than it can take will place pressure on the food close to the cooker’s base, causing it to burn. It is advised that you only fill the pressure cooker to 2/3rd of its capacity.

5. Overcooking

Every food has a specified time in which it has to cook, especially when it is used with a pressure cooker. Bear in mind that pressure cookers cook faster than regular pots, so there will be a difference in the cooking time. Cooking your food beyond this time can cause the food to burn to the bottom.

How To Stop A Pressure Cooker From Burning

The following are ways to stop your food from burning in your pressure cooker;

1. Read The Manual

It has been discovered that a lot of people make the simple mistake of not reading the manual that comes with the pressure cooker. A manual is there to guide and instruct you on the best ways to make use of your pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker manual contains information on how to adjust the cooker’s heat as well as different tips on how to cook with the pressure cooker. The manual also includes recommended cooking times to prevent food from being burned.

2. Put In The Right Amount Of Water

The pressure cooker needs water to create steam to cook your food. Not putting enough water in to get your food done will result in the burning of your food. Consider the food you’re cooking and check the recipe to find out the amount of water needed when using the pressure cooker. Then put the right amount of water into the pressure cooker.

3. Make Use Of A High Metal Plate

The pressure cooker comes with its accessories, and you must make use of these accessories. Among the accessories is an elevated metal plate; the metal plate is to be placed at the bottom of the pressure cooker. It gives the food room to sit above the water to allow even cooking. While it does its primary duty, it also prevents your food from getting burnt.

4. Stick To The Prescribed Cooking Time

Each food comes with its recipe and cooking time. What many people do not know is that the cooking time for a pressure cooker differs from when you cook with a normal pot. While a normal pot will take a long time, the pressure cooker is faster. Hence, make sure you know the cooking time for your food while cooking with the pressure cooker and stick to it.

How Do I Clean A Burnt Pressure Cooker?

Cleaning your burnt pressure cooker is easy. The following is all you need to do;

  • Add a combination of baking soda, dishwashing soap, and water.
  • Cook the mixture for about 3 minutes and take off the gas.
  • Scrub lightly and rinse. Your pressure pot will be back to normal.

Is There Food That Is Prone To Burning In The Pressure Pot?

Yes. Some foods are prone to burning while they are being cooked in the pressure pot. Although all food types are prone to be burnt when cooked in the pressure pot because of the difference in time. However, specific foods tend to burn faster when cooked in a pressure pot. They are;

  • Food with high starch content, i.e., rice
  • A dense or thick liquid, i.e., milk, cream, etc.

If you need to add milk or cream to your food, it is recommended that you add them after cooking the other ingredients in a pressure cooker.

Final Thoughts

If you have suffered a lot of burnt food while using the pressure cooker, we suggest you observe your food as well as your pressure cooker to determine the problem. This will help you know what to do to fix it.

Ensure you read the pressure cooker manual. This will give you more information on how to use your cooker.

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